Crown-of-thorns (Euphorbia milli)



The Crown of Thorns is a beautiful flower that gives a mind-blowing smell and lots of glee inside our eyes. It’s scientific name is Euphorbia milli. The plant of the Crown of Thorns can enhance the beauty of your lovely small, medium or large gardens.

The beautiful flower image of the Crown of Thorns was taken from our small garden. Take a look at our stunning Crown of Thorns images. The video also represents the Crown of Thorns and the scenic beauty of the live flower plant. See a rich collection of Crown of Thorns images to refresh your brain.

Explore quality flower pictures, including Crown of Thorns in We inspire you with a passion for flowers, leaves of the plants and gardens through the Crown of Thorns. You can like the beauty of Crown of Thorns and dive into the sea of flowers and smiles.

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